West Virginia Beef Council Grant Funding Application

The West Virginia Beef Industry Council is a producer funded checkoff program whose mission is to enhance consumer preference for beef throughout the state. Funds are derived from a $1-per-head checkoff collected on each beef and dairy animal sold. These funds are used in programs for promotion, consumer education, producer communications, and research to promote the benefits of beef, and increase the beef demand within our state. County livestock associations, local farm bureaus and other community organizations can submit a proposal for beef promotion and educational programs that will help promote and market beef. Equipment, scholarships, fair awards, etc. will not be considered.

Consumer Facing Events

Examples include cutting classes, new product sampling events, beef cooking contests, etc. The activity must be event-oriented and promotional in nature.

Masters of Beef Advocacy Funding

Grant funding can be used for the promotion of the Masters of Beef Advocacy program to WV beef producers, 4-H and FFA youth and other industry participants. The MBA program is a selfpaced, online educational program that equips participants with the knowledge to become beef industry advocates.

Beef Quality Assurance

Grant funding may also be utilized for Beef Quality Assurance trainings via seminars, educational meetings, demonstrations and distribution of materials such as posters, brochures, sorting sticks and other resources to producers with the purpose of assuring consumers that beef will continue to be a safe, wholesome product.


  • The grants are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Applications are available online. They can be submitted via email or through mail.
  • All areas of the grant application must be filled out to the best of your knowledge.

Application Form - Print Version